Goodgame Empire

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Goodgame_Empire-LogoGoodgame Empire is a strategy game, where you play in the middle age, own a castle and have to do everything to make your army and strong defense. In fact, this is a multiplayer game, because the other castles that you may find on the map are ruled by other, real players.  They will definitely attack you and try to destroy your homeland and your castle, that’s why building a powerful army is the main thing you should think about at the beginning of the game. In the Goodgame Empire, you will be required to do a free registration. This is a strategy for players searching for something to pick up in a jiffy. It is also a method to antagonize other players using the old-fashioned siege-ery. In the game, players are provided with their own surrounding king and castle. This will help you to start the building process from the ground level. However, keeping your resources high will be dependent on choice.

Players will have the opportunity of building defenses and structures through the presence of their resources. This can be found in the likes of stone, wood and just to mention a few. You will also have enough food to cater for the developing armies that are on training. Cash is required to build structures and houses for people you collect taxes from. The army is required to keep your defense while existing in a given location.